Video: Market Sizing Made Easy: Three Tips for CPG Manufacturers

CPG, FMCG & Retail | 04-08-2019

Evaluating the size and opportunity in a market is a big, almost daunting job for small and mid-size consumer packaged goods (CPG) manufacturers.   

But it’s a job that manufacturers can’t afford to avoid. That’s because the process can reveal valuable insights into a product’s category, its competitors and the wider market—crucial information to ensure business success over time.   

But to analyze the market effectively, you need to digest a vast amount of data, and that can take time. Here are three tips to make market sizing more efficient:

  1. Start small  
  2. Understand your consumer  
  3. Assess your category’s performance across accounts

Market sizing is a task all CPG manufacturers need to undertake. To save valuable time and money, make sure you keep these three tips handy.  

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CPG Market Sizing

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